Advertees by Eco Golf

Advertise your course, your cause, or your company with our Eco Advertees fully custom tees and packaging. Advertees are available in economy 10 packs with tee logo only or choose fully custom 10 or 30 packs with full private label branding of tees and packaging.

Advertees, Customizable Packaging and Tees

View some of our advertees packaging examples!

Advertees versus the competition

The choice is clear. Why put your brand on an inferior product when you can have your message last 50 times longer with environmentally friendly product. It makes no sense to put your logo on a wood tee that will break after 2 or 3 shots. What does that say about your brand? Create a lasting impression with our extremely durable, environmentally friendly tees and fully custom packs.

Packaging Fully Custom Logo Only
Tee Life Up to 100 shots 2 to 3 shots
Tee Print Quality Excellent Fair
Performance Tee Available Yes No
Raw material Recycled Polymer Tree Takes 40 Years to Mature
Carbon Footprint Low High
Manufacturing Location USA Only China and USA
Cost Savings Customization Option

Looking for a more economical packaging option?

Our 5 or 10 pack ProShop package is perfect if your looking to get your brand out there AND save some money.

This option is perfect for a number of reasons. First we can help you customize whichever Tee you choose for this package by imprinting your logo or information right on the shaft of the tee. Second, as with all of the Eco Products, this packaging is made in the USA and is bio-degradable so you can feel great about handing this product out knowing that you are helping the environment.

If you are looking for a more custom option you can view our completely customizable packaging above. Please feel free to contact us by filling out our form on the contact page.

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