About Eco Golf

It’s not about Eco Golf it’s about the carbon footprint and how to reduce yours.

Eco Golf tees while being far superior to wood and bamboo also reduce your carbon footprint. See the comparisons


Eco Golf's Carbon Footprint
  • Uses post- industrial scrap polymers
  • Single step manufacturing process
  • Made in USA
  • Very long life – up to 100 strikes per tee
  • Overall Carbon Footprint – low, uses recycled materials and single step manufacturing process


Wood Tee Carbon Footprint
  • 40 years for tree to mature for harvest
  • Each year over 100,000 trees are harvested for the 2.5 billion golf tees manufactured for the North American market.
  • Multistep manufacturing process and in most cases have to be shipped from China
  • Short life – only 3 to 5 strikes per tee
  • Overall Carbon Foot Print - High


Bamboo Carbon Footprint
  • 4 years for bamboo to mature for harvest
  • Multistep manufacturing process
  • Must be shipped from China
  • Short life – only 1 to 5 strikes per tee
  • Overall Carbon Foot Print – Very High due to manufacturing process

Reduce your use of golf tees by up to 90% by choosing the Eco Endurance or Eco RRT golf tee. You no longer use hickory shafts and persimmon woods so why are you still teeing it up on a wooded stake?

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